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Shrinking With Age? Why Your Height and Brain Function Decline with Age: Stay Strong and Smart

Increase in Years = Decrease in Height Decrease in Height = Decrease in Brain Function Reduce Your Risk of Shrinking with Age with 7 Tips for Staying Tall “But I swore I was 5’6” during my last visit!” Is something you might say to your healthcare practitioner when he or she evaluates your height chart,

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Parents’ Tips for Preparing Your Kids to Have a Healthy School Year

It’s Back to School Time Get The Right Backpack Pack A Healthy Lunch Make Time for Family Fitness and Physical Activity Eat Healthy Snacks Become Engaged Socially, Academically, and Creatively Transitions can feel like a challenge for everyone. One minute, you’re relaxing by the pool or returning from a relaxing vacation. The next, you’re stocking

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Raising Happy, Stress-free Kids

Kids are Stressed Out Diseases That May Be Related to Stress Categorizing Stress Among Children How Can You Tell if Your Child Has Tolerable Stress or Toxic Stress? Signs and Symptoms Your Kid is Stressed Raising Happy Kids, Stress-free Kids, Naturally A 2018 poll among thousands of high school students found that almost 45 percent

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Kids’ Supplements – What Supplements Should I Give My Child?

Why Kids’ Supplements Are Critical Even with the healthiest diet, children and adolescents might not get optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other critical nutrients. Research shows that kids often fail to get the recommended intakes of minerals including iron, zinc, and magnesium. Other studies show a low intake of vitamins A, C, and E

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Why You Should Take These Supplements: They Are Essential For Health

What Are You Eating? Poor Eating Habits Lead to Disease Why You Need Nutritional Supplements Vitamin D Multivitamins Omega-3 Fatty Acids Magnesium Are you eating cold-water fish weekly? Most of us aren’t.  After all, eating fish regularly can be expensive. We don’t always have access to wild-caught salmon and other seafood. Some people don’t like

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