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Meet the team of chiropractic doctors and professionals at our clinic.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Suzanne Demers Foley

Doctor of Chiropractic/Owner

Dr. Demers Foley’s countless hours of study and experience has allowed her to become a leader in the health profession through Maxliving. Trained under the most distinguished and renowned doctors in North America, she has received advanced certification in structural spinal correction and nutrition. Her passion for chiropractic and health is exhibited through her daily enthusiasm in her office and out in the community. She delivers the message of health through a total wellness approach using the 5 Essentials. Along with engaging her patients with the 5 essentials daily in her growing practice, Dr. Demers Foley is a sought-after speaker and inspiring leader in the Tampa Bay area providing comprehensive health wellness talks and programs to a large number of corporations, associations, gyms, athletic groups, Mother’s groups, schools and organizations

Dr. Demers Foley’s heart to give back to the community compelled her to open her first outreach clinic at Tampa Bay Christian Academy in 2016 where she not only adjusts the students and teachers but provides health seminars for the students, faculty and families. The love for serving the community continued as she opened a second outreach clinic at Metropolitan Ministries in downtown Tampa adjusting the staff and residents. Her mission is to make Tampa Bay the healthiest place in the country and delivering the 5 essentials to everyone.

Dr. Demers Foley earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and Cell Science from the University of Florida where her passion for chiropractic and her quest to find the cause of a patient’s problem and achieve their optimal health through removing the interference and maximizing potential began. She pursued her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Mariette, Georgia, graduating in 2011. Upon graduation, she practiced in Clearwater, Florida for two years before furthering her training and techniques in chiropractic in Naples, Florida to open a Maxliving Health Center. Dr. Demers Foley is currently completing her ICPA and Diplomate in Pediatrics Chiropractic.

Our Staff

Our staff members work with our doctors every day to provide our patients with a professional and friendly experience.

Janice Demers

Clinic Director

Jan has been with Seagate Chiropractic since it opened 4 years ago. She has a true passion to serve both the patients and the community. She supports each patient with whatever their needs are to fulfill their health journey providing continual encouragement to patients and her team. She has embraced the nutritional essential and is the one the patients go to for support in changing their eating habits and healthy replacements for food they love.

Bre Bradshaw

5 Essential CA

Bre has been with Seagate Chiropractic for over 2 years. She is a CCPA in the office. She has experienced life changing results since taking on the maxliving life style. She has a true passion to serve others and our community. She enjoys bringing smiles to other while going through their health journey and seeing health transformations throughout the process, being one of the health transformations herself.

Val Correa

Patient Concierge

Val joined Seagate Chiropractic in February 2018 and quickly discovered a passion for supporting people on their path to true health. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has a special place in her heart for serving patients of diverse cultures. Most of her time outside of work is spent chasing her pup Casey around, eating her way through Tampa with friends and her fiancé Alex, and investing in her education on the way to becoming a midwife.


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